How it Works

When did technology get this easy?


Finally, the flip chart has been brought into the 21st century. This easy to use, modern replacement for traditional dry-erase boards and flip charts is a meeting room innovation.

Smart kapp is up and running in minutes, just like your team

SMART Kapp is a digital capture board, retaining the effective simplicity of a white board, re-invented for the modern day. You can still sketch up collaborative ideas but now you can capture, share, and save work instantly.

Smart Kapp offers a pioneering and powerful visual aid that is secure, instant and can be viewed on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Simple, secure, stylish

Get started right away Put it up.

Plug it in. Create.

Easily save notes

Store content as a JPG or PDF before you erase it.

Refined inking

Write and erase on the sleek glass surface without every staining it.

Full data security

Shared content is immediately deleted when you disconnect your device.

SMART kapp connecting image