Topaz 22″ Hand Sanitiser Display

£1,620.00£1,794.00 (inc. VAT)

Available as a wall mounted or freestanding display, the TOPAZ 22” Hand Sanitiser display has been designed to meet you and your customers needs. Technical features such as a full HD 1080p display, easy USB plug and play content, and upgradeable Android OS options compliment the stylish design, toughened glass and waterproof casing. And of course, the key Hand Sanitiser Dispenser has been incorporated to ensure your staff and customers are reassured than cleanliness and hygiene are top of your business’ priorities.



The Topaz 22” Hand Sanitiser Display is a fully integrated signage display and auto hand sanitiser dispenser. The combined product enables you to provide a vital service for staff and customers whilst re-enforcing your brand commitment to good hygiene and customer well-being.

With wall mounted and freestanding displays available, the TOPAZ 22” Hand Sanitiser Display can be located wherever you and your customers require it.

Ideal for use within office spaces, retail, restaurants, health care and construction sites. Staff and customers are reassured than cleanliness and best hygiene practices are top of your business’ priorities.  Therefore, keeping the display filled with the sanitiser is of utmost importance. To help with this, Automatic Light Signals have been incorporated to easily identify when the sanitiser needs to be refilled.

To ensure surface contact is kept to a minimum, there is also a built in sensor that automatically dispenses the sanitiser when a hand is detected.

Key Benefits22" Hand Sanitiser Display

    • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser that keeps people healthy
    • 22” FHD 1080p display that keeps people informed
    • Wall mounted or freestanding
    • Stylish design, toughened glass and waterproof casing, lockable
    • Auto dispenser sensor ensures minimal surface contact
    • Automatic Light Indicator (red/green) to easily identify refilling
    • Quick and easy sanitiser refill
    • Easy USB plug and play content
    • Upgradeable Android OS options