SMART kapp iQ

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Upgrade to a solution where Whiteboard meets Display

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SMART kapp iQ™ is a multi-way collaborative display that combines the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard with the power of a 4k high resolution interactive
display.  The built-in whiteboard enables multi-way inking between any combination of devices, anywhere in the world – simultaneously.  SMART kapp iQ lets everyone see what is being written in real time.  But it doesn’t stop there, once connected, each user can draw on his or her mobile device, and it will instantly be displayed on the Kapp IQ’s screen. Conversely, any drawings made by the presenter on the Kapp IQ are pushed to each connected mobile device in real time. The presenter and participants can click a camera button to save a snapshot of what’s on the board, which then gets stored on each participant’s mobile device.

SMART kapp iQ isn’t just a whiteboard. It’s the world’s best ultra HD enabled display and includes:

  • Multi-way Inking – All remote participants can write on the display in real-time from any device.  Different ink colours make ideas come alive and help identify contributions.
  • Display-to-devices – Connect any Android or iOS device to SMART kapp iQ and you can share and save in real-time to any connected laptop, tablet, smartphone or other SMART kapp iQ displays.

Additional information

Weight 62.4 kg
Dimensions 150.8 × 12 × 97.8 cm
Included Parts

SMART kapp iQ capture board
Pens (x2)