RoomWizard II

£1,678.80 (inc. VAT)

The RoomWizard web-based meeting scheduling and room reservation
system brings your conference room into the 21st century

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RoomWizard II is a room scheduling system that provides a solution that manages open and closed collaborative spaces far more effectively than first-come-first-serve.

Now users can book rooms and reserve meeting spaces knowing there won’t be a hitch, making it easy to get the most out of collaborative spaces. RoomWizard provides information about room usage and patterns to help make smarter decisions about meeting spaces.

A Smarter Way to Manage Space and Time

RoomWizard meeting room scheduling system keeps track of space utilization with the analytics console that measures and reports reservation patterns. For simple management of the system, the administrative console allows the system managers to configure, update, and monitor all of their RoomWizard from a single interface.

Corporate Spaces

Whether scheduling a room in advance or for an impromptu meeting, RoomWizard is ideal for both open and private office spaces. The a web-based room scheduling system solves the dilemma of connecting workers to meeting spaces, making collaboration that much easier.

Health Spaces

Streamlined room scheduling saves time. Outside care rooms, screens display the RoomWizard room booking system, a welcoming touch for patients and their families and an efficiency enhancer for clinicians  and staff. Also a great solution for clinician workspaces creating a streamlined booking system for both work and respite.

Education Spaces

Groups often meet to complete assignments. And individuals still need spaces for focused work. Whether in the library or an in-between space, providing them with privacy from others and tools to collaborate is imperative. RoomWizard extends a room booking system that supports different modes of learning.

Features & Benefits

The RoomWizard scheduling system works with a variety of scheduling software including Microsoft® Outlook®, Google Calendar®, Lotus Notes® and others.

Key Features:

  • 7″ capacitive touch screen with gorilla glass – adjust the room reservation or grab a room for an impromptu meeting
  • Red or green lights show availability
  • Automatically release a room if occupants do not show up