Nureva Span Workspace

£180.00 (inc. VAT)

Your distributed team members can participate fully in every planning session, stand-up meeting or retrospective, no matter where they are. With real-time tools plus the ability to screen share or lead a meeting from anywhere, no one gets left out.

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Minimum Quantity = 5 licences / Annual subscription


Bridge the gap between paper and pixel to accelerate your essential collaborative processes. With Span Workspace, teamwork is fast, fluid and effective – whether you’re all in the same location or dispersed around the world.

Span Workspace is a cloud-based solution that lets you create an unlimited number of digital canvases to visualize ideas and map processes. Anyone with a subscription can invite other users or guests to a canvas, and everyone can work together on it in real time, using any device. Familiar tools, including sticky notes, sketches, images and templates, help you shift from paper to digital collaboration without compromising your proven processes.

With expansive canvases and easy-to-use tools, Span Workspace is the virtual collaboration solution your team has been looking for.

Create content
Share ideas using a variety of flexible tools. Notes let you quickly add ideas to a canvas, while text boxes allow more room to capture complex thoughts. Sketches are ideal for drawing and wireframing, and images can provide visual inspiration. All can be moved, edited, hyperlinked, duplicated and grouped as needed. In addition, screen sharing enables information from multiple live applications to be shared to the same canvas, creating an even more dynamic collaboration space.

Organize everything
Use intelligent groups to keep your content accessible and organized. Subgroups and color coding help everyone see at a glance how ideas fit together. For more complex tasks, Span Workspace makes it easy to create custom templates from scratch or convert your paper-based templates into dynamic digital tools. You can also choose from a selection of commonly used business templates.

Collaborate anywhere
Contribute to a canvas anytime, anywhere and on any device. Synchronous and asynchronous inputs are possible from all team members, whether they’re colocated or working at a distance. When collaborating in real-time, you can follow a leader through a canvas or explore on your own. And using QuickShare lets people without a Span subscription share their ideas as well.



Encourages big-picture thinking • Working with ideas on an expansive canvas helps team members spot patterns and connect ideas

Accelerates collaborative processes • Digitally transform agile, lean, design thinking and other processes with familiar tools that you can tailor to your needs

Enables access anywhere • Cloud-based software lets people work together in real time, no matter where they are

Reduces group think • Users can create and organize content in their personal tray before sharing it to the canvas

Simplifies sharing • With easy access to guest accounts and the QuickShare feature, it’s simple to gather feedback and ideas from a wide range of people

Works with all devices • Team members can use Span Workspace on their phones, tablets, Chromebook™ computers, laptops, interactive
displays and the Nureva Wall